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Dont waste

time listening thousands tracks for video

Try Harmix for free


Harmix is an intelligent service that automatically selects right music for your video.

tell ai how you see a result
video with music

1. Upload your video

2. Tell A.I. how you see a result

3. Get video with music

Accelerate your workflow

Try Harmix for free

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human collaborates with ai

Harmix will find free harmonious music special for your video

✔ Initially, 5,000 free high-quality music
✔ Initially, A.I. learned from 1,200 best movies and videos
✔ Harmix takes your wishes and gives you the result in seconds


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Won 4th place out of 1,800 projects in Intel ISEF 2019

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Won 1th place out of 200 startups in AIGC Singapore 2019


Videos created using Harmix


“The idea is very interesting, there is a great choice.
The music is great for all videos. I'm very like it.”

— Denis Humeniak, 180,000 subscribers and 5 million likes on TikTok

See it in action

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